by Lisa-Marie Fassl

Initially I wanted to start this blog post with a quote on data and why it is important to analyze things. But after a very quick Google search I decided to skip that one – waaaay to cheesy. So let’s get straight to the point: Read the report. 

No matter if you’re an active angel investor or thinking about starting your career as one, if you’re a startup looking for funding and not sure what to expect from a potential business angel or if you’re simply interested in the dynamics in the Austrian angel investing market: this is your must-read.

Status Quo: Angel Investing in Austria 

With more than 100 participants, the aaia Angel Investing Report 2018 is the most comprehensive analysis of the Austrian angel investing industry ever. It provides answers to the big questions of this dynamic industry and our growing community. And it will eventually help all of us in the further development of the startup ecosystem as a whole, as we – and hopefully many other organizations – will use it to work on the legislation of startup investments in Austria and on an European level.

A sneak preview of what you can expect

Insights into the portfolios of angel investors, their key investment criteria and investment style. Additionally we also tried to dig deeper and ask the crucial question: Can you actually make money with angel investing?We not only hope that you will enjoy the read, but we’d love to hear your thoughts about this report. Feel free to get in touch anytime.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the underlying survey – your contribution is extremely valuable and highly appreciated. Personally, I want to thank the whole aaia team who worked very hard for the release of this report and especially Flo who dedicated his Bachelor’s thesis on this topic.

Download the aaia Angel Investing Report 2018 here.

Talk soon,  Lisa