Building a cross-border ecosystem

In our globalized world with strong economic competition and fast growing startup hubs, we asked ourselves what the competitive advantage of Europe could be. With its unique setup and – in terms of culture, politics and many other factors – very heterogeneous countries, this continent faces both advantages and disadvantages in a world that is getting increasingly smaller. With the US and especially the often glorified Silicon Valley in the West, rising economies in the East as well as the ascending Africa in the South, Europe needs to re-think its USP and strategy.

We strongly believe that this USP – and the longterm prosperity of our continent – is directly related to Europe’s diversity and can only be leveraged by cooperation. With CEE Unlimited we are trying to contribute our fair share: By connecting investors from different industries and stages in the funding lifecycle of startups, ecosystem players and political representatives, we aim to create an ecosystem for collaboration – cross-border and cross-industry.

CEE Unlimited is more than just an event series 

CEE Unlimited connects angel investors, vc funds, corporate venture capital funds & the most promising startups in the region, to create a true cross-border market and to release its full potential.

The first part of CEE Unlimited consists of a series of 8 events in 8 different countries (May – October 2019): Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia & Austria. At each event, we invite angel investors, vc funds, corporate venture funds as well as players that are relevant for creating this ecosystem and fostering the local investment community. In the focus of these events: capacity building & knowledge sharing among investors along with a pitching contest for local startups.

Investors Day 19 – the final highlight of CEE Unlimited

Investors Day 19, a day that unites the leading investors in the CEE region to discuss the future of Europe with more than 200 participants from the CEE region, government officials and startups.

Join us

Join CEE Unlimited and help us to create a true cross-border ecosystem which we can all benefit from.